The original bike's DNA is in the new bike's blood. The original SS100 had a long, horizontal profile and the new motorcycle keeps this. The frame today is made of machined titanium with a titanium sub-frame and triangles, the original was made of steel, but the heritage is clear.

The new SS100 has captured the engineering design and aesthetics of George's original masterpiece. Our designers have worked hard to maintain his legacy whilst creating a motorcycle that meets the expectations of today's riders, ensures high performance, safety and comfort and respects regulatory constraints.


The new SS100 is a highly sophisticated ultra-modern machine with a jazz age, Art Deco look. A twenty first century classic.

Look at the gorgeous aluminium fuel tank, hand rolled and welded by our in-house technician. It's the same basic design that appeared on all George Brough's motorcycles. That Castle fork too can still be seen today as an updated version, a Fior-type cast aluminium fork with twin articulated links. The big capacity V-twin engine is there too. The original SS100 engine was a four-cam JAP 980cc KTOR air cooled V-twin, with a Sturmey-Archer three speed gear box.

The new engine is a custom made 997cc water called V-twin, with a six speed gear box. Other details also give the new SS100 an aura of the inter-war years, for example the Art Deco brake callipers ad the specially designed speedo, inspired by the iconic 5 inch Smiths instrument.