Mark Upham is the current custodian of the Brough Superior brand. The man responsible for breathing life back into Brough Superior. He has carefully built a world class team, able to design and manufacture a new motorcycle, that is worthy to once again carry the great name of Brough Superior.  Mark is a man who keeps alive the very spirit of George Brough, through his passion, drive and demand for the very best.


 Mark established his first motorcycle shop in Somerset at the age of 19. Over the decades he has seen many styles come and go.  He has also gone on to build British Only Motorcycles, a company that supplies more parts for classic British bikes than any other in Europe. A maverick and veteran of the motorcycling world for over 40 years, Mark has his own sense of individual style. His grandfather was a bespoke tailor and this ‘feel’ is now guiding Mark as he works to develop complementary motorcycle lifestyle products.


Mark is committed to carry on where George Brough left off; to pioneer in global motorcycle design and manufacture by creating special machines that inspire awe and exhilaration.