Vintage & Reproduction

It is clear that such important vintage motorcycles should be preserved and enjoyed by current and future generations. It is for this very reason that Mark Upham has always been passionate about restoring these classics. The auction houses of Bonhams and the like would be lesser institutions without this devotion.


Mark is also able to utilise his and his team’s expertise to build reproduction machines for people who do not wish to ‘risk’ their original hardware.

At Brough Superior we look to the future and pioneer. We also revere our illustrious past and celebrate it. George Brough was determined to produce the most impressive motorcycles in the world. In calling his company Brough Superior he made his intention clear from the start. The SS100, introduced in 1924, is generally considered the world’s first superbike. It was the fastest, classiest motorcycle on the road. At this time sporting vehicles might reach 70 mph, the SS100 with its guaranteed speed of at least 100mph left them standing.