Brough Superior Clothing

George Brough didn’t just design and build incredible speed machines. He created a product that had a much broader role in people’s lives than just transit from A to B. The interwar period represented a time of incredible glamour and style… for those that could afford it. It was hedonistic, and the affluent were looking for ways to enjoy themselves to the hilt. No-one understood this better than George Brough, he was a man of the times.  You could say that he put the roar in to the ‘Roaring Twenties’.


George always cut a dashing figure, and so, we are creating modern pieces that reflect this joie de vivre. To start with, we have created a range of jackets and coats, all made in London with a clothing manufacturer Grenfell (who also started in the Twenties).


Other luxury products such as luggage, footwear, hats & caps, leather goods and handmade watches are also being crafted. This new Brough Superior collection is for those who expect the best on the road, and off. It is a combination of modern and classic design, using the very best of production techniques. We believe that George would heartily approve.

Brough Superior SS18 Collection

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The Tourer Jacket
The Golfer Jacket

The Brough Superior x Grenfell Golfer Jacket in Beige Grenfell Cloth

The Despatch Riders Coat
The Harrington Jacket

The Brough Superior x Grenfell Harrington Jacket in Black Grenfell Cloth