Meet The Team

Mark Upham

Mark Upham is the current custodian of the Brough Superior brand. The man responsible for breathing life back into Brough Superior. Mark is a man who keeps alive the very spirit of George Brough, through his passion, drive and demand for the very best.

Gary Burnand

Gary Burnand has been fixated by machines on two and four wheels, as long as he can remember. His father and grandfather had been highly mechanically proficient, and both had spent their youths on classic British bikes.

Sam Lovegrove

Sam Lovegrove is a motorcycle engineer par excellence. Familiar to many through his TV show ‘Shed and Buried’. Sam has the excitement and fascination with machinery found only in a school boy.

This website is the home of the Brough Superior Company and allows us to bring together the many aspects of the brand under one roof. It aims to be a dynamic tool that can assist those who are intrigued with this unique British brand.


The Brough Superior Motorcycle brand was there from the very early days of the motorcycling phenomenon; when we freed ourselves from four-legged horse power, and we could now travel much greater distances and at much greater speeds. The huge sense of exhilaration and exposure to the natural elements created the essence of why motorcycling is so powerful to the modern day - truly born to be wild.


Rejuvenation of a British icon

George Brough was a pioneering, enigmatic showman who combined a great business and design engineering mind. George’s father had built bicycles and then Brough motorcycles. George also after the superlative created ‘Brough Superior’ in 1919 to outcompete his father’s creations. He would go on to build a series of motorcycles (and cars) that are revered by modern day collectors as the pinnacle of their genre within vintage motorcycles. No collection of vintage motorcycles is complete without a Brough Superior or three.


Like many wondrous objects of the past, Brough Superior lay dormant for many decades in the latter half of the 20th Century. Until a motorcycle entrepreneur, Mark Upham, saw that he could bring his experience to breathe life back into this cherished brand. But not only that, it was not enough to re-start the brand. If it was to be brought back to life, Brough Superior had to go forward with vigour and purpose, not just be kept on a life-support system churning out legacies to the past. This was no small challenge and one that the team strives to uphold every single day.