Bonneville is a name that fires the adrenalin up to the max. A densely packed salt pan in North-Western Utah, an unexpected location for a legendary race track. Named after Benjamin Bonneville, an explorer US Army officer the salt has been used for speed trials since 1907. The first land speed record was set there in 1914. Brough Superior has raced on the salt on many occasions setting new records most recently in 2011 and 2013.


It has been decided that 2019 will be another year that the bike will pit itself against the challenge of the salt. The salt provides for the development of both man and machine…or in this case a young woman. The young woman is Mark Upham’s daughter, Viktoria, who will continue the daredevil family spirit. Viktoria has been in and around crazy machinery since she could toddle and reach the controls. She is now honing her motorcycle skills in preparation for a run that few 14 year old girls (or boys) could comprehend.


Sam Lovegrove has spent over six months building the Brough Superior that Viktoria will ride. The machine has been built around an infamous Eric Fernihough JAP engine, last used at the Berlin Grand Prix in the 1930s. Sam has handbuilt the frame, wheels, bars, mud (salt!) guards etc. into a thing of great beauty and performance ability.


These projects do not come cheap and the team are busy engaging sponsors, including Bonhams auction house who are now confirmed. This unique project is also attracting a lot of interest from film production companies. We will keep you updated of developments over the following months


Mark Upham

Gary Burnand

Sam Lovegrove